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Based on the patented perfect dosing technique the depositors are built for different kinds of batter as for instance muffins or cupcakes. The special way of dosing makes sure the amount per portion is very precise and consistent. The depositors can be delivered with a capacity varying from 1200 till 16000 deposits and large chain stores.

The depositors with one nozzle till 6 nozzles have a frame which is adjustable in height, a batter funnel, electronic control, air powered and with a modern easy to clean control panel. The operating comfort is of main importance. The amount of deposits and the interval between these deposits are clearly shown on the control panel. The start and pause function can be activated on the control panel, with a button on the nozzle or with a foot pedal. The total production is shown on an extra display.

More viscous dough is deposit with rolling mill rolls The amount of rotations is accurate to a degree electronically adjusted. It is also possible to adjust the depositor for withdrawal of the batter.

In order to spin rounds or to squirt a saw-toothed pattern V-Technology offers rotating nozzle devices. The adjustment of the nozzles (accurate to one degree) is standard in the software of the depositor integrated.

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